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[Webinar] Model Aided Drug Invention Case Studies | November 7, 2017

November 7, 2017 - 12pm

Title: Model Aided Drug Invention (MADI) Case Studies: Quantitative Modeling and Simulation Approaches Driving Critical Decisions from Research through Clinical Trials  


MADI is a mathematical modeling and engineering approach to translational medicine leveraging mechanistic PKPD and Systems Pharmacology.   It quantitatively integrates knowledge about therapeutics with an understanding of mechanism of action in the context of human disease mechanisms.  This webinar will highlight several case studies to show how MADI impacts biological understanding, new target proposals, lead generation, clinical candidate selection, IND support, and clinical go/no go decisions, including:

  • An example of integrating systems modeling to predict optimal drug properties targeting PD-1 and TIM3 in immuno-oncology for bispecific biologics and fixed dose combinations
  • QSP approaches to determine best in class properties for targeted anabolic growth factor to arthritic joints
  • Computational Exploration of Mechanistic Determinants of Antibody-Drug Conjugate Pharmacokinetics Using Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Modeling Strategies


This webinar is ideal for scientists in R&D who want to learn more about how to leverage MADI approaches to shorten timelines, lower cost, and increase the likelihood of developing best-in-class drugs.


Date: Tuesday, November 7, 2017
Time: 1pm ET / 10am PT
Duration: 1 Hour


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