Every Project Is Unique

Applied BioMath offers scientific consulting services to help biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies answer complex, scientific questions and make critical strategic decisions for the advancement of drug candidates. Applied BioMath is a team comprised of mathematicians, biologists, clinical pharmacologists and pharmaceutical industry experts who leverage biology, proprietary technology, high performance computing (HPC), and decades of industry experience to help groups better understand the desired target product profile for an indication of interest, to determine best-in-class properties of a clinical candidate, and identify key differentiators from competitors.

Some typical examples of deliverables:

Early Discovery:

  • Early feasibility assessment
  • Best-in-class drug property identification
  • Efficacious dose projection
  • Biomarker identification
  • PKPD translation from animal to human

Preclinical Development:

  • GLP toxicity study design and analysis
  • First-in-human starting dose projection
  • Species translation
  • Mechanistic and traditional PK/PD analysis
  • Noncompartmental analysis

Clinical Development:

  • Population PK
  • Optimal clinical trial design and analysis
  • Pre-IND and IND support
  • Phase 1 and 2 support
  • Indication-specific dose projections (Ph1b/Ph2)

For more information please contact us at info@appliedbiomath.com

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