Carissa Young, PhD

Senior Scientist

Carissa earned a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Georgia Tech in 2002 and a PhD from the University of Delaware in 2011, where she was awarded an NSF-IGERT fellowship in Biotechnology and NIH-sponsored institutional grants.

As a systems biologist and protein engineer, Carissa’s prior research has focused on disease physiology, intracellular signaling, biomarker discovery, cell stress pathways, computational modeling, advanced microscopy, organ-on-chip platforms and protein and cellular engineering. With over seven years of experience in multiple facets of R&D, process development and manufacturing, Carissa has been employed by Johnson & Johnson as a process engineer in biotechnology, a Research Scientist at the Delaware Biotechnology Institute BioImaging Center, and as a MIT postdoc in Biological Engineering focused on metastatic cancer progression, liver and lung inflammation.

Among Carissa’s passions is education. She has multiple years experience as an adjunct professor and instructor at both a military college and top 10 graduate department, teaching eight graduate/undergraduate STEM courses in chemical engineering, probability and statistics, and biotechnology, and is excited to co-teach a course in mathematical modeling at Harvard Medical School in Spring 2017.