Dooyoung Lee, PhD

Senior Scientist

Prior to joining Applied BioMath, Dooyoung was a Scientist at FORUM Pharmaceuticals, Inc (Waltham, MA) where he worked on developing and implementing quantitative models in preclinical/translational development of medicines for serious brain diseases including PK/PD, Physiologically-Based PK and Systems Pharmacology. He has expertise in systems pharmacology modeling, mechanistic modeling and intracellular pathway modeling in biological systems.

Dooyoung was a postdoctoral fellow in Quantitative Clinical Sciences Group in PharmaTherapeutics Clinical Research at Pfizer, Inc (Cambridge, MA). He focused on developing a systems pharmacology model of human coagulation to understand systematic coagulation progression with Pfizer compounds in patients with coagulation disorders. This effort helped to design clinical study and to predict clinical readouts.

Dooyoung received his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at University of Rochester (Rochester, NY) and trained as a postdoctoral fellow in Bioengineering at University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA). He focused on improving understanding in mechanism of leukocyte adhesion in blood flow through modeling as well as experiments.