Applied BioMath ( is looking for a highly capable numerical methods engineer to join our software group. The mission of our group is to deliver cloud based modeling and simulation solutions to scientists, in support of better, cheaper, and faster drug development.

As a numerics software engineer, you will help shape our computational capabilities by contributing to our core scientific computing services with attention to the development and validation of numerical methods, and their integration into our distributed computing infrastructure. Additionally, you will engage with scientific and mathematical experts in support of drug discovery, and play an important role in the development of new computational services.

Duties and Responsibilities:

This position is responsible for, but not limited to, the following:

  • Become proficient with the languages (e.g. Python), libraries (e.g. SciPy, CVODES), and development tools (e.g. PyCharm) of the software team
  • Learn, maintain, and extend our existing numerical methods, such as ODE integration, gradient descent optimization, and MCMC sampling
  • Play a central role in the design, implementation, testing, and integration of new computational services

Qualifications, Skills and Abilities:

  • Comfort with collaboration in diverse environments of biologists, mathematicians, scientific programers, software developers, and other technical disciplines
  • 4+ years of experience in the development or application of numerical methods, creating well-written, performant, and easy-to-understand code
  • Strong understanding of theory and practice of numerical methods
  • Comfortable with Python
  • Obsessive in delivering quality software
  • Experience with gradient descent optimization is preferred, but not required
  • Experience with MCMC sampling is preferred, but not required
  • Experience in life sciences or research environments is preferred, but not required
  • Experience with Julia is preferred, but not required

Work Environment and Physical Requirements:

  • General office environment; no special demands are required
  • Ability to work remotely or in the Concord, MA, office

Applied BioMath ( is revolutionizing drug invention by helping partners accelerate best in class therapeutics into the clinic. We do this by integrating disease biology, therapeutic mechanism of action, rigorous mathematics, high performance computing mathematical modeling approaches. Our analyses have assisted both large and small pharma and biotechs to: prioritize portfolios, identify knowledge gaps, prioritize and design experiments, predict optimal drug properties, support clinical trials, enable indication/patient selection, and help understand deep biology or generate testable hypotheses. Our results have reduced costs and accelerated timelines. Our approaches have been proven across multiple therapeutic areas including; oncology, immunology, immuno-oncology, cardiovascular, CNS, for a multitude of indications. We work closely with drug program teams, scientists, program managers, protein engineers, and chemists, as well as senior managers, to best affect the outcome of drug programs in research, development, and clinical trials. We are frequently thought of as a member of the project team.  If interested, please contact

Applied BioMath is an equal opportunity employer; we take pride in maintaining a diverse and inclusive environment.  We will not discriminate in recruitment, hiring, training, promotions or any other employment practices on the basis of age, color, disability, gender identity, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, or any classification protected by federal, state, or local law.  If you are a candidate in need of assistance or accommodation in the application process, please contact