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Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Modeling (QSPM) Case Study in Immuno-oncology

Biotech and Pharma are increasingly using quantitative systems pharmacology modeling (QSPM) approaches to help answer complex, critical Go/No-go decisions in R&D. Dr. John Burke will discuss the value of QSP approaches and a QSP industry case study. The case study entails developing and interrogating a QSPM of PD-1 and TIM-3. The QSPM provided biological insights by predicting why dosing regimens are quite similar for two therapeutics targeting PD-1 that have affinities that differ by several orders of magnitude, and best-in-class profile predictions for PD-1 and TIM-3 dual antagonists. This webinar is ideal for scientists in R&D who want to learn more about how to leverage QSPM to shorten timelines, lower cost, and increase the likelihood of developing best-in-class drugs.

Start Date: Apr 5, 2016 12:45

How a Good Regulatory and Computational Strategy Helps Avoid Common Pitfalls

The development of New Chemical and Biological Entities is becoming more and more challenging. Most people agree that the lower hanging fruit has been picked. However, there are steps that companies can take to maximize their chances of success. Drug development 101 requires that companies develop a Target Product Profile (TPP) and a Regulatory Strategy, and yet many companies are failing in these endeavors, or are leaving them out of their development programs altogether. In this webinar targeted to scientists and project leaders in research and development, Dr. Lorna Speid will discuss and present examples of how to develop the Regulatory Strategy. Dr. John Burke will parallel these examples with case studies on how Model-Aided Drug Invention can support and guide such a regulatory strategy.

Start Date: Mar 5, 2018 07:30