22nd Annual PepTalk

Event Details:

January 16th - January 20th | Hilton San Diego Bayfront 

Applied BioMath Presence:

Presentation Title: A semi-mechanistic pharmacology model of ATG-101, a PD-L1/4-1BB bispecific antibody for treatment of solid tumors


  • ATG-101 is a bispecific Ab that crosslinks tumor-expressed PD-L1 to T-cell-expressed 4-1BB, selectively activating T-cells infiltrating solid tumors while inhibiting immune checkpoints
  • The pharmacologically active complex that corresponds to efficacy consists of the drug bound to both PD-L1 and 4-1BB, which, while difficult to measure directly, can be predicted using mechanistic modeling
  • By predicting PD-L1 RO and trans-cell complex formation, the model provides a rational basis for clinical dose selection

Presenter: Kas Subramanian, PhD, Executive Director of Modeling at Applied BioMath

Day and Time: Wednesday, January 18th | 12:05pm PT