Senior Principal Scientist - Modeling

Full Time | Modeling and Simulation Team

Job Description:

Applied BioMath is seeking a highly skilled and experienced Senior Principal Scientist to join our dynamic team. As an expert in quantitative systems pharmacology and mechanistic PK/PD modeling, you will provide scientific and project leadership in a range of therapeutic modalities. You will manage project teams of junior modelers and lead multiple concurrent client projects, working closely with Pharmaceutical and Biotech client teams to build fit-for-purpose mathematical models that drive decisions in drug development. These models may encompass a drug's mechanism of action, signaling pathways, disease mechanisms, and drug toxicities. 

If you are a highly motivated and experienced scientist with a passion for advancing drug development through modeling and simulation, we encourage you to apply.

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Key Responsibilities:

  • Project Leadership: Lead and manage modeling projects spanning various therapeutic modalities, collaborating closely with cross-functional teams to define project goals, design strategies, and ensure successful execution.
  • Scientific Leadership: Provide scientific guidance and mentorship to junior modelers, ensuring the growth and development of the modeling team. Applied BioMath provides opportunities to be on a management track or a scientific track.
  • Clinical Expertise (Desired): Leverage your clinical development/clinical pharmacology experience to build and implement quantitative systems pharmacology models, mechanistic models, and population PK/PD models to guide clinical development strategies.
  • Mechanistic/QSP or PK/PD Modeling: Design, develop, and validate fit-for-purpose models that encompass a broad range of applications, including drug exposure, pharmacodynamics, disease progression, dose-response relationships, and optimal dosing regimens.
  • Data Analysis: Analyze preclinical and clinical data to identify relevant biomarkers, predict clinical outcomes, and support decision-making throughout the drug development process.
  • Scientific Excellence: Stay current with advancements in the field of quantitative modeling and apply innovative methodologies to solve complex scientific challenges.
  • Client Interaction: Engage with clients to understand their specific project needs, provide regular updates on project progress, and deliver high-quality scientific insights.
  • Team Management: Supervise and manage a project team of junior modelers and biologists, ensuring effective project execution and fostering professional growth.
  • Technical Documentation: Prepare clear and concise technical reports, manuscripts, and presentations to communicate modeling results and recommendations to clients and scientific audiences.


  • Ph.D. or M.S. in a relevant field (Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Mathematics, Engineering, or related discipline).
  • Extensive pharmaceutical or biotechnology industry experience (> 5 years)  in quantitative systems pharmacology modeling, mechanistic modeling, and population PK/PD modeling across diverse therapeutic modalities.
  • Proven expertise in clinical trial design and execution, with a deep understanding of the drug discovery and development process (Desired).
  • Strong proficiency in modeling software (e.g., NONMEM, Phoenix WinNonlin, Python, MATLAB, R) and relevant programming languages.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills, with the ability to convey complex scientific concepts to both technical and non-technical audiences.
  • Project management experience, with a track record of successfully leading and delivering modeling projects.
  • Record of scientific achievement through peer-reviewed publications, invited oral presentations, or patents is a plus

About Applied BioMath:

Applied BioMath is a leading life sciences company at the intersection of mathematics, biology, and clinical research. We specialize in quantitative systems pharmacology and mechanistic modeling to help our clients accelerate drug development and optimize therapeutic outcomes. Our team of experts collaborates with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to design, analyze, and interpret preclinical and clinical data, providing valuable insights to guide drug development.

Applied BioMath is committed to diversity and inclusion, and we encourage individuals from all backgrounds to apply. We look forward to welcoming a dynamic and talented Senior Principal Scientist to our team to drive innovation in quantitative systems pharmacology modeling and lead projects that span a wide array of therapeutic modalities. Clinical experience is desired but not mandatory for this role.