Mathematical Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation to Accelerate and De-risk Therapeutic R&D

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"Applied BioMath is an extension of our team. We work iteratively and closely with them and this results in a transparency and trust that is a win-win for both teams."
Elizabeth Trehu, MD - Jounce Therapeutics



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What Our Scientific Partners Are Saying

Working with Applied BioMath enabled us to foresee any hurdles we may have encountered and also ensured we are structuring our trials such that we are targeting the right patients and the right doses.

Mark Currie, PhD
Ironwood Pharmaceuticals

We chose to work with Applied BioMath because of their significant expertise and strength in developing mechanistic QSP models in oncology.

Karim Azer, PhD

Applied BioMath delivered exactly what we asked for in the time frame agreed upfront. Josh and John worked with the team to leverage both internal and external information and develop a fit-for-purpose model in an eight-week time frame. 

Anne Heatherington, PhD