Protein Degrader Model Pack

What's Included?

Applied BioMath Assess™ Protein Degrader Model Pack includes 4 models covering in vivo and in vitro models of PROTAC and Molecular Glue Degrader pharmacologies.

  • in vitro PROTAC model
  • in vivo PROTAC model (coming soon)
  • in vitro Molecular Glue Degrader (MGD) model (coming soon)
  • in vivo Molecular Glue Degrader (MGD) model (coming soon)


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Each model in the Protein Degrader Pack includes a pharmacology diagram (Figure 1) with model parameters and their nominal values (Figure 2).

Figure 1: Model Diagram

protein degrader model

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Figure 2: Model Parameters

Each model in Applied BioMath AssessProtein Degrader Model Pack has a unique set of parameters, a sample of which is shown here, based on the model pharmacology and number of compartments. More details on the full list of parameters are available upon request. In the app, each parameter contains a default value based on expansive literature searches and references.

protein degrader parameters


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