13th Annual World Bispecific

Event Details

September 20th - 22nd, 2022 | Boston

Applied BioMath Presence

Presentation: Model-Informed Drug Discovery and Development Aids in the Design and Dose Prediction for Multispecific Therapeutics

Presenter: John Burke, PhD, Co-Founder, President, and CEO of Applied BioMath

Presentation time: Thursday, September 22nd at 11:30pm ET


Computational tools are increasingly used to aid in the design of bi- and multi-specific therapeutics due to the complexity of optimizing for target engagement, therapeutic index, efficacy, study design, etc.   This presentation will discuss three case studies where Model-informed Drug Discovery and Development was used to:

  • Identify tradeoffs between target and drug properties and efficacy to identify key missing data and maximize therapeutic index in osteo-arthritis
  • Predict trimer levels and receptor occupancy for a T-cell Engager in solid tumors to support dose selection in the expansion part of a phase 1/2 trial
  • Provide a rational basis for clinical dose selection for a bispecific therapeutic targeting solid tumors

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