The 14th Annual World Bispecific Summit

Event Details:

October 3rd - 4th | Boston, MA 

Applied BioMath Presence:


Tuesday, October 3rd | 2:15pm ET

Title: Using mathematical modeling to find a balance between affinity and avidity for an optimal therapeutic window


  • For cis-binding bispecific molecules, weaker single-target binding affinity with stronger avidity is used as a strategy to reduce the chances of the drug binding to off-target cells, thereby increasing the therapeutic window.
  • However, the development of a molecule is more complicated once multiple targets are involved. Binding affinities to multiple targets can be optimized; in addition, the expression levels of multiple targets need to be considered when translating from preclinical to clinical.  
  • Mechanistic PKPD models that capture the biophysics of binding and avidity are a powerful tool to guide compound selection and clinical translation. We will demonstrate how to develop a mechanistic PKPD model for bispecifics and how to use the model to predict an optimal therapeutic window.

Presenter: Fei Hua, PhD, Vice President of Modeling and Simulation Services


Title: Predicting on-target, off-tumor toxicity of Solitomab, an EpCAM/CD3 BiTE

Presenter: John Burke, PhD, Co-Founder, President, and CEO of Applied BioMath

This is a Hanson Wade conference.