3rd Next-Generation Conjugates Summit

Event Details:

February 26th - February 28th | Boston, MA

Applied BioMath Presence:

Presentation Title: More than the Sum of Their Parts: Integrating data and knowledge in a QSP platform model to increase the efficiency of drug conjugates development


  • We have made substantial progress towards developing a quantitative systems pharmacology (QSP) platform model for ADCs to predict efficacy and hematological toxicities.
  • We will demonstrate how QSP modeling helps guide ADC design and development.
  • Due to its modular nature, the QSP platform can be extended to also guide the development of other novel conjugates more efficiently.

Presenter: Fei Hua, PhD, VP of Modeling and Simulation Services at Applied BioMath

Day and Time: Wednesday, February 28th | 10:00am