6th Annual Cell Engager Summit

Event Details:

May 21st - May 23rd | Boston, MA

Applied BioMath Presence:

Presentation Title: Quantitative Systems Pharmacology modeling to facilitate translations between bench and bedside: forward and back and branching out


  • Quantitative systems pharmacology (QSP) modeling integrates in vitro data, in vivo PK and PD data, mechanism of action of the drug and biological understanding of the disease. I will demonstrate in my talk how QSP modeling is a powerful tool for translation to clinical as well as back translation from clinical to bench.
  • For T cell engager first-in-human studies, we developed a QSP model that captures the CD3:drug:TAA cross-linking complex formation to support higher starting dose than an exposure-based MABEL approach. It has also been used to guide efficacious dose selection since bispecific molecules can have bell-shaped dose responses where a higher dose could lead to reduced efficacy.
  • In addition to translation, QSP modeling can also be used early in R&D to guide novel platform design and perform in silico proof-of-concept simulations.

Presenter: Fei Hua, PhD, VP of Modeling and Simulation Services at Applied BioMath

Day and Time: Wednesday, May 22nd | 2:30pm