Applied BioMath, LLC Announces Collaboration with Codiak BioSciences

Applied BioMath, the industry-leader in applying mechanistic modeling, simulation, and analysis to accelerate and de-risk drug research and development, today announced a collaboration with Codiak BioSciences for the development and delivery of a semi-mechanistic pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic (SM-PK/PD) model for exo-STING, a precision-engineered exosome therapeutic targeting the protein stimulator of interferon genes (exo-STING) for the treatment of solid tumors. Applied BioMath will develop in vitro, mouse, cynomolgus and human exo-STING models which will be used to predict optimal intra-tumoral dosing for Phase 1 studies.


Applied BioMath employs a rigorous fit-for-purpose model development process, referred to as Model-Aided Drug Invention (MADI), which aims to quantitatively integrate knowledge about therapeutics with an understanding of its mechanism of action in the context of human disease mechanisms. Their MADI approach employs proprietary technologies that were designed specifically for mechanistic PK/PD modeling and which can be use throughout R&D from early research through to the clinic.