Applied BioMath, LLC to Present at PEGS Summit

Applied BioMath (, the industry-leader in applying systems pharmacology and mechanistic modeling, simulation, and analysis to de-risk drug research and development today announced their participation at the PEGS Summit occurring virtually May 11-13, 2021.

John Burke, PhD, Co-founder, President and CEO of Applied BioMath will present "Applied BioMath Assess™ - An Early Feasibility Assessment Tool for Biotherapeutics" within the conference program, Advancing Bispecific Antibodies and Combination Therapy to the Clinic on Tuesday, May 11th at 10:40 a.m. ET. In this presentation, Dr. Burke will demonstrate how Applied BioMath's new and interactive software tool systematically investigates the therapeutic characteristics (e.g., format, half-life, affinity, mechanism of action) given target characteristics (e.g., target expression and turnover) necessary to achieve success criteria given the predetermined target profile (e.g., dose, administration, frequency) to help accelerate and de-risk discovery projects.

"Applied BioMath Assess can help quickly answer the "what if" questions when determining whether or not a biotherapeutic enters the portfolio" said Dr. John Burke, Co-founder, President and CEO of Applied BioMath. "If a therapeutic shouldn't enter a portfolio it's just as important to understand why that is. If it should move forward, it's important to understand how to improve the therapeutic.  We are excited to share this new software tool with the PEGS Summit attendees, as it's very useful for scientists, particularly protein engineers and protein chemists, to understand such critical decisions in R&D."

Additionally, Lucia Wille, PhD, previously the Director of Biology at Applied BioMath will present "Optimizing Multi-specific Antibody Design with Mechanistic Avidity Models" within the conference program, Engineering Bispecific Antibodies on Thursday, May 13th at 1:40 p.m. ET. In this presentation, Dr. Wille will discuss how mechanistic models can provide clarity when making development decisions (single-arm affinities, dosing, etc.) for complex modalities, such as multi-specific antibodies.

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About Applied BioMath
Founded in 2013, Applied BioMath's mission is to revolutionize drug invention. Applied BioMath uses mathematical modeling and simulation to provide quantitative and predictive guidance to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to help accelerate and de-risk drug research and development. Their approach employs proprietary algorithms and software to support groups worldwide in decision-making from early research through clinical trials. The Applied BioMath team leverages their decades of expertise in biology, mathematical modeling and analysis, high-performance computing, and industry experience to help groups better understand their candidate, its best-in-class parameters, competitive advantages, patients, and the best path forward into and in the clinic. For more information about Applied BioMath and its services, visit

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