Dr. Josh Apgar's research published in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics

This publication appears in the October 2015 edition of Molecular Cancer Therapeutics

Applied BioMath is proud to announce that Dr. Josh Apgar's research publication, BI 885578, a novel IGF1R/INSR tyrosine kinase inhibitor with pharmacokinetic properties that dissociate anti-tumor efficacy and perturbation of glucose homeostasis, was recently published in the Molecular Cancer Therapeutics Journal.  The paper, based on research performed at Beohringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, describes the profile of the novel compound BI 885578, a potent and selective ATP-competitive IGF1R/INSR tyrosine kinase inhibitor distinguished by rapid intestinal absorption and a short in vivo half-life as a result of rapid metabolic clearance. BI 885578, administered daily per os, displayed an acceptable tolerability profile in mice at doses that significantly reduced the growth of xenografted human GEO and CL-14 colon carcinoma tumors. 

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