Applied BioMath cohosts Inaugural QSP/SB Academia-Industry Seminar with MIT Biological Engineering Department

Applied BioMath and the MIT Biological Engineering Department recently held the inaugural QSP/SB Academic-Industry Symposium at the MIT State Center in Camrbidge, MA.  The QSP/SB Academic-Industry Symposium is an ongoing academic-industry forum to discuss systems biology and quantitative systems pharmacology projects, challenges, and opportunities. 

After refreshments and networking, attendees from various pharmaceutical and biotech companies and universities heard the following presentations:

A Systems Pharmacology Approach to Understand and Optimize Functional Selectivity for Non-Selective Drugs

Josh Apgar, PhD, Co-founder and CSO Applied BioMath         


A Systems Pharmacology Model of Blood Coagulation Network Predicts Therapeutic Effects on Clinical Biomarker Responses for Coagulation Disorders

Dooyoung Lee, PhD, BioTherapeutics Clinical R&D – Clinical Pharmacology, Pfizer Inc

The next QSP/SB Academic-Industry Symposium will occur in Fall 2015 with an expanded group of attendees and hosts.  For more information, please contact Kristen Zannella at