Next-Generation Conjugates Summit

Event Details:

February 21st - 23rd | Hilton Boston Logan Airport

Applied BioMath Presence:

Presentation Title: More than the Sum of Their Parts: Integrating data and knowledge of ADCs in a QSP platform model to predict efficacy and toxicity


  • There are 12 approved ADCs targeting various solid and hematological malignancies and while the ADC concept may be simple, the application is difficult.
  • Quantitative systems pharmacology modeling helps guide ADC design and development by creating a platform to guide design properties and understand therapeutic window.
  • Here we will present a consolidated ADC QSP platform model predicting ADC efficacy and hematological toxicities.

Presenter: Josh Apgar, PhD, Co-Founder and CSO of Applied BioMath

Day and Time: Wednesday, February 22nd | 2:00pm ET