Before joining Applied BioMath, Andrew was a Senior Software Engineer at The MathWorks where he worked on the SimBiology, Bioinformatics, and Machine Learning toolboxes. He has expertise in parameter estimation for biological systems, quantitative systems pharmacology, and machine learning. Andrew received his doctorate in computational biology from NYU's Courant Institute. Throughout his graduate work, Andrew worked closely with Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, providing computational and software support for several programs. Outside of work he enjoys dance, circus arts, and atrociously bad movies.

    Andrew M

     I entered systems pharmacology because I'm fascinated with the ways mathematics can deliver understanding about a biological system.

    Key Research

    • Early Feasibility Assessment: A Method for Accurately Predicting Biotherapeutic Dosing to Inform Early Drug Discovery Decisions
    • Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Modeling Provides Insight into Inter-mouse Variability of Anti-CTLA4 Response
    • A systems pharmacology model for gene therapy in sickle cell disease

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