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Debbie received her PhD in Biological and Biomedical Sciences from Harvard University in 2011.  Her thesis work in the Department of Systems Biology, where she performed lab research side by side with computational modelers, focused on the heterogeneous responses of cells to cancer drugs (cell death and adaptive survival/ inflammatory pathways) observed at the single-cell level.  Debbie went on to do her postdoctoral research at Merck, where she worked on Myc-targeting cancer agents. Since then and prior to her PhD, Debbie has experience working in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry on projects related to immuno-oncology, CAR-T therapies, and drug discovery for a range of diseases. Debbie joined the biology team at ABM in 2020 and has worked on projects in a variety of disease areas, including cancer and inflammatory diseases.  She also enjoys photography, creative writing (including science and lab-related fiction), hiking, biking, and cross-country skiing. 


Key Research

  • A Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Model Describing the Cellular Kinetic-Pharmacodynamic Relationship for a Live Biotherapeutic Product to Support Microbiome Drug Development
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