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Senior Scientist, Modeling

Modeling & Simulation

Drew has a BS in Applied Mathematics from North Carolina State University where he worked under Mette Olufsen, PhD to study the identifiability of lumped parameters in compartmental models of hemodynamics. Drew earned a PhD in Molecular Integrative Physiology from the University of Michigan, where he was advised by Daniel Beard, PhD and David Pinsky, MD. His dissertation work involved the derivation and analyses of a multi-scale multi-physics model of ventilation-perfusion matching in lungs to understand how the control and regulation of blood flow distribution affects oxygen transport and oxygenation of the bloodstream. During his time in graduate school, Drew worked as medical communications intern at JB Ashtin, and volunteered as a project manager at miLEAD -  a graduate student and postdoc-run non-profit consultancy based out of the University of Michigan.

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