Applied BioMath, LLC Launches Software Product for the Early Feasibility Assessment of Biotherapeutics

Applied BioMath (, the industry-leader in applying systems pharmacology and mechanistic modeling, simulation, and analysis to de-risk drug research and development, announced today the launch of Applied BioMath Assess™, an early feasibility assessment tool for biotherapeutics.  Applied BioMath Assess is an interactive, web-based application that helps project leaders, protein engineers and chemists, and modelers assess the difficulties and risks in developing a biotherapeutic very early-on in a project.   "Applied BioMath Assess was an essential step for our portfolio prioritization.   We had several therapeutics under consideration and needed to understand what parameter ranges were required to achieve our desired outcomes," said David de Graaf, PhD, Co-Founder of Tuned Therapeutics.  "Being able to quickly analyze each therapeutic helped us identify which therapeutics were best to pursue and ultimately helped us de-risk our portfolio and provide a clear and scientific rationale with our stakeholders."

With built-in models and analyses, a point-and-click interface that enables real-time assessment of "what if" scenarios, and automatic report generation, Applied BioMath Assess helps you systematically investigate the therapeutic characteristics (e.g., format, half- life, affinity, mechanism of action) necessary to achieve success criteria given the predetermined target profile (e.g., dose, route of administration, dose frequency).  "Applied BioMath Assess enables me to quickly explore design hypotheses, and better understand tradeoffs between PK, Target Engagement, and TMDD of our bispecific antibodies," said John Desjarlais, PhD, CSO at Xencor.  "To be able to explore these variables in an interactive tool without having to program it from scratch is an immense time and resource saver for me. This is a powerful tool put directly in the hands of scientists."  

"Since Applied BioMath was founded 7 years ago, we have collaborated with biotech and pharmaceutical partners on early feasibility assessments for over 108 targets," said John Burke, PhD, Co-Founder, President, and CEO of Applied BioMath.  "As we developed Applied BioMath Assess and used it internally on our own assessment projects, we saw a noticeable efficiency increase in our project timelines.  We are thrilled to launch this tool today to help project teams assess therapeutics and targets before they invest resources and budget."

About Applied BioMath

Founded in 2013, Applied BioMath's mission is to revolutionize drug invention. Applied BioMath uses mathematical modeling and simulation to provide quantitative and predictive guidance to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to help accelerate and de-risk drug research and development. Their approach employs proprietary algorithms and software to support groups worldwide in decision-making from early research through clinical trials. The Applied BioMath team leverages their decades of expertise in biology, mathematical modeling and analysis, high-performance computing, and industry experience to help groups better understand their candidate, its best-in-class parameters, competitive advantages, patients, and the best path forward into and in the clinic. For more information about Applied BioMath and its services, visit

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