Applied BioMath, LLC Unveils the use of Mathematical Modeling in ADC therapeutics at the 7th Annual World ADC Conference

Updated 12/13/2016: Applied BioMath awarded Best Poster award at World ADC 2016!

Applied BioMath (, the industry-leader in applying mechanistic modeling to drug research and development, today announced that they will deliver a presentation and poster at the 7th annual World ADC conference on the use of quantitative systems pharmacology (QSP) modeling to understand the pharmacokinetics (PK) of antibody drug conjugate (ADC) therapeutics.

Dr. Joshua Apgar, PhD, Co-Founder, CSO of Applied BioMath, will deliver a talk titled "Computational Exploration of Mechanistic Determinants of ADC Pharmacokinetics Using QSP Modeling Strategies" on Wednesday October 12, 2016. This presentation will mark the first time ever that QSP modeling for ADC therapeutics has been presented at the World ADC conference.

"World ADC strives to provide scientists with the latest insights on innovative advances in antibody drug conjugate research and development. It is for this reason that we are particularly looking forward to Dr. Joshua Apgar's presentation on ADC pharmacokinetics using QSP modelling strategies as this will be the first time ever that this topic has been covered at a World ADC event."

Curtis Dingley, World ADC Leadership Team, Hanson Wade

The PK of ADC therapeutics typically show a discrepancy between the PK of total antibody and that of conjugated antibody, carrying one or more payload molecules. This discrepancy is often attributed to deconjugation, however recent evidence suggests that the underlying mechanisms may be more complex. Dr. Apgar will present how model aided drug invention provides biological insights into the impact of drug-to-antibody ratio and the resulting changes in molecular properties on overall PK and relative payload disposition as observed in preclinical and clinical studies.

"We constantly strive to be at the forefront of QSP modeling, which is why we are so excited to be a part of this first ever presentation on QSP modeling at World ADC 2016. Our research has resulted in some very exciting insights into the PK of ADC therapeutics that will be of great interest to the ADC crowd at this conference."

Dr. John Burke, PhD, Co-Founder, President, and CEO of Applied BioMath

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